TS Mules is located in Chester, Utah, and is owned and operated by Ty, Skye, Ellie, & Swayzee Evans. Traveling the country from coast to coast, Ty and Skye teach mulemanship clinics helping people with mule problems and mules with people problems. Ty and Skye are very passionate about mules and people and love to help them both get along a little better. Along with teaching clinics, Ty and Skye enjoy buying, training, and selling top-quality saddle mules for mountain and trail riding.

Ty, Skye, Ellie & Swayzee Evans

Ty won the 2015 and 2016 American Mule Trainers Challenge. The event took place in Truth or Consequences , NM. The competition consisted of four of the best Mule Trainers in the United States working on four young mule colts. 

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