Location: Jacksboro, TX
Date: October 19-21
Classes: Mulemanship 1,  Mulemanship 2 & Colt Starting
Fee: $350 per class (This fee does not include camping, stalls, meals, etc.)
Sponsor: Clyde and Kim Watson
Phone: 817-475-9689 or 817-269-8477
Venue: Ridge View Ranch- 1282 Slusher Road, Jacksboro, TX 76458
Details: Stalls and dry camping available. Spectators welcome, $25 per day, pay at gate, bring a chair.

Schedule Each Day: 8:30-11:30 M1, 12:30-3:30 M2, 4:00-7:00 CS
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Typical Clinic Times

Mulemanship 1 9:00-12:00

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Mulemanship 2 1:00-4:00

Upcoming Clinics!

Location: Clare, MI
Date: September 28-30
Classes: Mulemanship 1 & Mulemanship 2
Fee: $350 per class (This fee does not include camping, stalls, meals, etc.)
Sponsor: Michelle Mangus
Phone: 989-240-3938
Venue: Rambling Acre Farms- 10611 North Leaton Road, Clare, MI 48617
Details: Limited stalls and camping available, contact Amy Morris for reservations 989-737-8717. Spectators welcome, $25 per day, pay at the gate, bring a chair. 
Clinic Times: Mulemanship 1 9:00-12:00​ Each Day & Mulemanship 2 1:00-4:00 Each Day​

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Our 2018 Clinic Schedule will be posted November 1st!​

"What a great clinic this weekend in Jacksboro, TX! If you are serious about training your own mule you should attend one of Ty and Skye's clinics. Besides being a great trainer, Ty is also is a good teacher who breaks down the exercises in manageable, easy to understand parts. I learned a lot this weekend and I am looking forward to applying it in my training at home. Thanks Ty and Skye I hope you'll be back in TX soon!".

-Maria Berger

​Jacksboro, TX Clinic

Clinic Cancellation Policy!

No refunds on clinic enrollment, if you cannot make it to the clinic you can transfer your spot to someone else or you can transfer that tuition to another Ty Evans Clinic at a future time. 
In the unlikely event that we cancel the clinic, all participants will be refunded full tuition.

"Ty and Skye put on a first class clinic. They are very professional no matter the circumstances and operate with the kind of quiet confidence that comes with absolute confidence in their own expertise. They are uplifting and encouraging the way only truly experienced clinicians will be. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, no showboating, just great mulemanship".

-Catherine Reese

​Westmoreland, TN Clinic

2017 Clinic Dates & Locations!

San Tan Valley, AZ__ February 1-3 

Logandale, NV__February 9-11

Brooksville, FL__ February 23-25 

​Chatsworth, GA __ March 2-4

Buckeye, AZ__ March 9-11

Huntington, UT __ March 30-April 1

​Salmon, ID April 5-6

Colville, WA __ April 13-15

Madison, WI__ April 21-23

Farmington, IA __April 27-29

Mora, MO__May 4-6

Templeton, CA __ May 18-20

Bishop, CA__ May 23-28

Rapid City, SD __ June 1-3

Whitehall, MT __June 6-8

Mt Pleasant, UT__June 14-17

John Day, OR__ June 22-24

​Beaver Creek, OR June 29-July 1

Burnlington, WA__July 6-8

Gunnison, CO__ July 20-22

Tres Piedras, NM__ July 27-29

Portland, ND__ August 10-12

​Winsted, MN__ August 17-19

Arkdale, WI__ August 24-26

Dover, TN__ August 31-September 2

Fort Valley, VA __September 7-9

Tidioute, PA September 14-16

Camden, OH __September 21-23

Clare, MI __September 28-30

Gloster, MS __October 12-14

Jacksboro, TX __October 19-21

Wikieup, AZ __October 26-28

Pittsworth, Queensland, Australia __November 16-18


Sponsoring a Ty Evans Clinic

We are always looking for new places to visit and we enjoy helping new people and mules. We try to keep it simple and rewarding for those that sponsor our clinics. If you are interested in sponsoring a Ty Evans Clinic please contact us by phone 801-598-7465 or by email tsmules@hotmail.com 

Location: Wikieup, AZ

Date: October 26-28

Classes: Mulemanship 1 & Mulemanship 2

Fee: $350 per class (This fee does not include camping, stalls, meals, etc.

Sponsor: Mike and Raquel Lacey

Phone: 254-977-3530

Email: raquellacey@yahoo.com

Venue: Lacey Ranch- Call for specific directions.

Details: Limited full RV Hook-ups $25 per night, unlimited free dry camping, no stalls available so plan to bring portable pens,

tie to trailer or trees or high-line.

No spectators at this clinic please.

 Clinic Times: Mulemanship 1 9:00-12:00​ Each Day & Mulemanship 2 1:00-4:00 Each Day

Mulemanship 2 is full but we still have a few spots left in Mulemanship 1

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Location: Gloster, MS
Date: October 12-14
Classes: Mulemanship 1 & Mulemanship 2
Fee: $350 per class (This fee does not include camping, stalls, meals, etc.)
Sponsor: Cindy Brasfield
Phone: 251-978-5211
Email: arcofarm@yahoo.com
Venue: Arco Farm/ GS Mule Company- New Hope Road, Gloster, MS
Details: Stalls available, $10 per night, Camping w/hook-ups available $20 per night. Spectators welcome $25 per day, pay at the gate.
Clinic Times: Mulemanship 1 9:00-12:00​ Each Day & Mulemanship 2 1:00-4:00 Each Day​
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Class Descriptions

*Mulemanship 1
For the beginner to intermediate mule and/or rider. This class is designed to help both rider and mule understand and gain knowledge of some of the basics, fundamentals and foundation work involved in riding and handling mules both on the ground and in the saddle. We start with a lot of groundwork, preparing the mule to respond with respect and look to you as a leader. You ride what you lead, so in this class you will spend a considerable amount of time getting your mule handy on the end of the lead rope. After things are looking good on the ground we move to the saddle practicing multiple exercises to help you and your mule become handy. Softness and suppleness is one of the major goals to obtain for both mule and rider during this class. We want to help you recognize that you can move and communicate with your mule using a soft feel. This class is all about helping you and your mule to become partners, to show you that it is possible to accomplish many things by helping the mule to realize that you care about its well being and present things to your mule in a respectful and understanding manner. After  working and riding in this class you should feel confident in your new skills and should have a list of things to go home and continue working with, on both yourself and your mule.


* Mulemanship 2

For the intermediate mule and/or rider. This class is a continuation of our Mulemanship 1 class and it is recommended that you have attended a Mulemanship 1 class previously and be confident with all the exercises presented in that class. This class is all riding, no ground work. Picking up a soft feel at the stand still and all gaits will be a major goal in this class. We will do a lot of work with our mules at a walk, trot, and canter so the rider should feel confident to do so. This class includes helping our mule to better turn on the haunches and forehand, leg yield, side-pass, backing with accuracy, punctual transitions, and moving off your leg and reins softly. Obstacle courses and/or trail rides may be part of this class depending on specific clinic location and accommodations. After riding in this class you should be able to take home with you knowledge on ways to improve yourself and your mules abilities as well as many exercises and plans to accomplish your new goals. 

*Colt Starting
For intermediate to advanced riders. This class will help you get a great start on your mule. We go through all the steps required to properly begin your mules career under saddle. No short cuts are taken and everything is done in a manner to prepare your mule to succeed and be comfortable in the transition from pasture pet to saddle mule.  We begin with helping your mule to hook-on to you and see you as a dominant leader and someone they can follow and feel safe with. We help them to learn proper respect on a lead rope, halter driving and developing softness and suppleness. We get them under saddle for the first time with as little stress as possible. We move onto flexing and try to develop a foundation of collection and feel. We desensitize the mules using various tools that test and push the mule out of their comfort zone yet we support them all the time and let them see us as someone they can trust and look to for support. We progress on and usually are able to ride your mule on the first day and every day thereafter. The main goal during this class is to develop a solid, safe, and soft foundation that you and your mule can go home with and continue to work on.

This class is usually a one day class and we cover the basics of packing including proper way to plan out your loads, balance and organize loads, lash and tie panniers and packs. Hitches such as the box hitch, barrel hitch, diamond, and double diamonds are practiced and perfected at these classes. Along with packing loads we discuss proper animal care, high-lining, and wise camping practices in the backcountry.

*Trail Riding & Rock Crawling

****Required that you have attended a Ty Evans Clinic previously!***
For the intermediate to advanced rider. This is usually one of the most exciting and challenging clinics we offer. During our trail riding clinic you will learn proper mulemanship on the trail and learn how to get along and ride your mule to the best of both your abilities. We help you to build confidence in yourself and your mule by advancing from basic to extreme obstacles at your comfort and skill level. We usually select areas that are very beautiful and secluded. A great class to learn and ride and enjoy your time.